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Rajkumar Rao praises ‘Chamkila’ and says Bollywood always unites for ‘something extraordinary.’


Actor Rajkumar Rao is a fine actor and his work has been highly praised. Talking about the film industry, he feels the fraternity always stands together when ‘there’s something extraordinary’.

In an interview, Rajkumar Rao says, “I also feel that it doesn’t happen every time. Whenever there’s something extraordinary that happens, only then people come together and celebrate. It happened when Alia Bhatt did Gangubai Kathiawadi. Everybody unanimously said that she delivered a brilliant performance. When something hits the right notes, everybody comes together. But otherwise, liking a film is very subjective. I might like something that another person didn’t like and vice-versa. Once in a while, however a film comes out that meets unanimous love from everyone in the industry.”

Rajkumar Rao has loved the movie ‘Chamkila.’ Talking about the same, he shares, “I never feel envy. I get inspired. I recently watched Amar Singh Chamkila. I haven’t reached out to him yet but I think Diljit was bang on in the film. I think no one could have it better. Those subtle nuances were incredible. And him being from Punjab definitely helped him. I think he was Chamkila for me. It was one of those performances that made me watch the film again. If I like something I make sure that I watch it two-three times.”

I am so looking forward to seeing Rajkumar Rao in Srikanth, where he plays a visually impaired industrialist. The movie will be playing in the theatres from May 10th.


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