‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is a hilarious comedy show where in four generations of a family live together. The show released on 10th March. Four episodes have been released. Each Friday two new episodes will release until 31st March.

With a stellar cast, this show promises to keep the viewers entertained. Ratna Pathak Shah as ‘Baa’, has the most amusing comments to make. She is the typical ‘dadi’ who can’t refrain from adding her two-bits to every situation, she is modern yet has her typical ways. She will drink the beer but in a steel glass!!

Atul Kulkarni, is the father of the family. He is the emotional character of this drama who doesn’t want his children out of his sight. The fact that his son wants to move out, is too much for him to take. His inputs on medication in every situation are funny indeed.

Ayesha Jhulka is the babu with the selfie-stick. Raj Babbar is the eldest male, the Dadaji, wise and calm figure of the series.

This series is about simpler times and comes across as a slapstick comedy. It’s not very high on drama or comedy. The show is not as promising as ‘Sarabhai VS Sarabhai’ or ‘Khichdi’, yet it has its own simplicity. Each episode is about thirty minutes and I enjoyed watching it with my family.

Created and directed by Aatish Kapadia and Jamnadas Majethia, this series is for the masses. If you’re looking at a peek into the good old-times, when families lived together and the banter that kept everyone involved and entertained, this one is a fun watch. I loved it and laughed. A good weekend binge!

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