BTS’s RM has been open and honest with Marc Spiegler on life, art, music, and more!

The worldwide director of the international art expo Art Basel is the journalist, Marc Spiegler. RM, a member of BTS, recently appeared as a guest on Marc Spiegler’s “Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast” on June 28. He discussed the founding of BTS, their ascent to popularity, his opinions on buying art, and much more.

Since he is from South Korea, RM began the first edition of his English-language podcast by stating that he was in Seoul and that it was currently 7 p.m. In my studio I am.

When asked how he got into music, RM said that as a youngster, he was first exposed to musicians like Eminem and Nas, who inspired him to change his ambition of being a poet to being a rapper. I simply wanted to join an underground label in Korea, so I sent my résumé and my songs, and I was accepted, the speaker said. But the real performance with the musicians served as the last test. But I was just 16 at the time, so on stage I forgot my words. I was so anxious, so I sucked,” which made him think that his performance skills were limited to the recording studio.

Despite the initial disappointment of the performance, RM said that Korean rapper Sleepy had witnessed him forget his words, laughed at his error, but still got in touch with him on behalf of BTS’s current agency HYBE and its CEO Bang Si Hyuk, who was seeking for new talent at the moment.

BTS launched their “Proof” anthology album in early June, and it has since enjoyed enormous success on several Billboard charts. BTS announced their prolonged vacation and intention to concentrate on their separate careers on June 14, just a few days after the group’s tenth debut anniversary.

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