For me, there are movies I watch with my mind and then there are those where the heart takes precedence and you just flow with the script. RARKPK is a fantastic movie that has music, dance, colour, action, romance, emotions yet not all in vain, it culminates to a wonderful storyline.

A movie directed by Karan Johar after 7 years, oh boy! What an entertainer. The Randhawa’s and the Chatterjee’s are poles apart, Ranveer and Alia have potently different IQ’s and EQs, yet we are all slaves when it comes to the heart. The movie deftly deals with topics such as patriarchy, gender roles, futile old-age family traditions and cultural values blinded by tradition.

The chemistry Ranveer and Alia share is unmatched, which brings tremendous charm to the movie. Ranveer plays a flamboyant guy, whose clothes are all but Gucci, Fendi and Chanel. An emotional soul with strong family values and a heart of gold, he is on a mission to find his grandfather, alias Dharmendra’s lost love.

In the process, he meets Alia, an anchor. They are poles apart. She is totally sophisticated, well-educated. In the process of rekindling their grandparents romance, the duo falls in love. Love at every stage comes with its own share of struggles and in this case, the families are like the North and the South pole.

However, the story adeptly deals with family differences, the pressure each youth has to deal with, how a Bengali and a Punjabi make it work and above it, it has a loud and clear message for the women of today-stand up for yourself.

If I may bluntly say, some episodes of Koffee With Karan had me wondering about KJO’s finesse but after watching this movie, Karan I want to take a bow and thank you for this masterpiece!

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