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Rohit Shetty talks about his upcoming movie ‘Sooryvanshani’!


Rohit Shetty is known as the stunt director of Bollywood. He has created many many action films and has managed to deliver some great movies. His films are full of great action scenes, car crashes, and of course violence.

Recently, Rohit Shetty revealed some details about the action in his soon to release film Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Talking about the same he said, “In my latest movie Sooryavanshi, I have a bike stunt in which the stunt guy is from Bulgaria. The other for the car stunt is from Cape Town so that’s how they come together and shoot for me. We had a CGI shot with drifting, so they did it. The Guinness book of the world record for a topple is for Casino Royale. You will not believe the Bulgarian driver named Kaleem. He was shooting and did a 7 round, but the record is for eight topples, so if we had two more, we would have broken the world record for it.”

Further talking about his career he adds, “I have done more than 100 stunts with a car. We have blown up more than 200 vehicles. To be honest, I have even lost count of it. I also do a show called Fear Factor and because of that, what has happened to me is I love action. I have met the action teams worldwide, like how food lovers meet other food lovers who have the same taste of food or fashion, but when I was doing Fear Factor, I met a lot of action teams. At that point, I created my group, which is also from around the world. If there is some specific stunt I want to do or want some stunt guy to do it. I call them from Cape Town, Bulgaria, and multiple places like those and work together.”


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