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Shahid Kapoor on refusing to sell his Jersey to OTT despite offers: ‘We are confident in what we have created.’


Shahid Kapoor returns to the big screen next week with Jersey, following the huge success of Kabir Singh. The film was scheduled to be released on December 31, but it was moved back at the last-minute owing to an increase of Omicron cases throughout the world. “Aman (Gill, producer) and I were very carefully monitoring Omicron, and we knew it was developing very quickly,” Shahid explains. We didn’t anticipate things to shift so significantly in such a short period of time, but when they did, we opted to postpone our release.”

“We didn’t want to come with the picture when the atmosphere of the country wasn’t appropriate,” he continues. We made the best option for the film’s long-term chances.” With hit films like Gangubai, The Kashmir Files, and RRR, Shahid confronts the reality that the movie halls are roaring like never before. “It’s wonderful to see people going to the movies,” he acknowledges. Several OTT players have made offers to the Jersey club over the previous three months.

They did, however, postpone the film’s theatrical premiere. It will now be released in theatres on April 14. “Everyone simply likes the film too much,” Shahid says, “and we are confident in what we have done.” We created this video with the intention of seeing it on the big screen. Because of the film’s emotional content, it’s better to see it in a group of people. Omicron, fortunately, ended quickly. It was a difficult time since the producer’s money was on the line. But we are now prepared, with full force.”

And does he keep track of box office figures? “I do, indeed. “I mean, it may not be decisive to my decision-making process, but most actors keep track of all the numbers,” he responds.


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