Shahid Mallya and Shahid Kapoor duo has already given soulful and hit tracks like ‘ Rabba Main to Mar Gaya,’ Chitta Ve and Ikk Kudi. The duo is yet again back with same magic in latest song, ‘Baari Barsi.’ This highly anticipated track from ‘Bloody Daddy,’ has already crossed 2 million views in 3 days.

When Shahid Mallya and Shahid Kapoor join forces, musical brilliance is bound to happen. Their previous collaborations, including ‘Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya,’ ‘Chitta Ve,’ and ‘Ikk Kudi,’ have left audiences captivated with their enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Their synergy is undeniably strong, consistently delivering chart-topping numbers that resonate deeply with fans.

In a recent conversation, Shahid Mallya expressed his excitement about reuniting with Shahid Kapoor. He shared, “Our past collaborations, like ‘Rabba’ from ‘Mausam’ and ‘Ik Kudi’ and ‘Chitta Ve’ from ‘Udta Punjab,’ have been huge hits. The chemistry between us has always resulted in songs that touch people’s hearts. Shahid has a different charm and always takes my songs to a different level.”

Now, the stage is set for Shahid Mallya to once again mesmerize the audience with his hypnotic voice in ‘Baari Barsi’ from ‘Bloody Daddy,’ where Shahid Kapoor shines in the lead role. The song is already out and crossed 2 million views, with Shahid Mallya getting innumerable positive response for it.

“As soon as my song was out, people started calling me and congratulating me for the same. They are surprised and delighted to hear my voice in totally different kind of setting at the same time. One of the persons said, In your last song ‘Shauq’ from Qala, you have put soul in words, now you have given such a great party song as well. You are really a gem in today’s music industry,” Sahid Mallya said while sharing the response he is getting ‘Baari Barsi’ song.

In conclusion, Shahid Mallya and Shahid Kapoor’s collaboration has always been a delight for music enthusiasts. Their current track, ‘Baari Barsi,’ from ‘Bloody Daddy,’ is poised to continue their winning streak, captivating the hearts of fans once more.

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