Actress Shama Sikander spoke candidly about her time spent on the casting couch in Bollywood and how things have changed over time. She claimed in a recent interview that a few seasoned producers and directors wanted to be “friends” with her without naming specific individuals. According to the actor, the idea of expecting sexual favors in exchange for employment is the “lowest of low.”

Shama’s television work includes Yeh Meri Life Hai, CID, Man Mein Hai Vishwas, and popular programs. Since she appeared in Aamir Khan’s 1999 film Mann, she has also appeared in a number of Hindi films besides television. She last made an appearance in the 2019 film Bypass Road.

Shama described her time spent on the Bollywood casting couch. The industry has seen significant, positive transformation, she told Bollywood Life. Young producers nowadays handle people with respect and are far more professional. They do not believe in having sex at work. Producers have previously shown a desire to be friends with me. How can we be friends if we don’t collaborate on projects, I thought. The idea of demanding sex in exchange for labor, in my opinion, is the absolute lowest. To accomplish it, you must be an extremely insecure person. Some of these manufacturers and producers were well-known figures in the sector.

Shama noted that not everyone in the industry should be held accountable for those who use casting couches. “I believe that everyone is capable of evil, which is why some individuals believe that they may degrade others in this manner. One must confront the devil who lives inside their heads, she said. A few months ago, Shama married James Milliron, the man she had been dating. She’s getting ready to make a comeback right now.

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