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Shama Sikander shares her special ‘Eid’ plans, talks about decorating home and cooking for husband James Milliron


When it comes to the Indian entertainment industry, Shama Sikander and her husband James Milliron are certainly one of the go-to couples from whom netizens seek inspiration. Their love, adulation, admiration and respect for each other is truly exemplary. At a time when the majority of couples are looking forward to multiple options and aren’t keen on investing efforts into a relationship, Shama and James’ love story is like a breath of fresh air that helps to reinstate everyone’s faith in the beautiful idea of love.

What’s most amazing about the couple is that no matter how busy or occupied they are in their respective professional lives, they always keep each other as top priorities due to which they allocate time for each other, especially during festivals. Well, talking about festival readers, Eid is here and no wonder, we are curious to know what Shama and James are up to this year. On being asked more about the same, Shama shares getting candid and we quote,

“Well, James and I look forward to celebrating every major festival with an equal amount of zeal and enthusiasm. Eid is indeed a special day and no wonder. Both of us have kept that day to spend quality time with each other in the day and in the evening we have plans to visit our friends homes . Since the past few years, I have absolutely loved curating some special meals for James of course with the help of my family. This year too, I am going to prepare the Eid special at home which is Biryani and Sheer khurma, my mom makes the best Sheer khurma in the world. Also, for any festival, be it Christmas or Eid or anything, decoration is truly an important part of our celebration as the ambience is very important for us. That’s why, according to the nature of the festival, we decorate our home to create that vibe in the best way possible. Eid is mostly about spending time with your loved ones, and being grateful for everything we are blessed with. James and me we practice intentional gratitude, specially on occasions like Eid. So yes, that’s the idea this year. As a couple, we believe in simplicity and genuinely feel that at times the simple things in life give us the most amount of joy and happiness. The most special thing one can give is his or her time and presence, we both are conscious of that luckily . So for us, its going to be a simple yet cosy day which will be all about good food, good conversations and spending quality time together while binging the yummy food. I wish all my fans and well-wishers Eid Mubarak. May the almighty and supreme be there for one and all. Wishing everyone love and light.”

Well, that’s exactly what we understand by ‘romantic couple goals’ ain’t it? To always put your relationship and partner as top priority to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life is something that we truly need to learn from Shama and James. Here’s wishing the two of them a lifetime of happiness going forward together. Stay tuned for more updates.


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