‘Gulmohar’ on Disney plus Hotstar is a story about families and the threads that bind relationships. As the movie spreads over four days before vacating the family house, there is folding and unfolding and some bitter secrets are unearthed in the process.

Each character is deep and has his or her own baggage. Sharmila ji is the dignified dadi, Kusum Batra and plays out her role with ease and charm. Manoj Bajpai, the perfect son and Simran his ideal wife and daughter-in law, and their chemistry- ‘Yes or No.’ their son has his own struggles and Talat Aziz is a treat for the eyes and ears both.

Rahul V Chitella’s Gulmohar is a quiet, gentle movie with the underlying current of love and family values. It is an engrossing family drama with a lot of stories on the side. This movie is about fractured relationships, complex human emotions and how much more than a house it takes to keep the families together.

Written by Rahul with Arpita Mukherjee, it’s a story of a 34-year old bungalow that is going to be pulled down to build a high rise building. As the packers move in and out of the house, like the hidden household stuff, several secrets are unveiled. Can the Batra family keep it together or will Holi be the last festival that they celebrate together?

This movie is a true household experience of Indian families where in love, sacrifice and the ability to ignore certain issues keep a family intact. Watch it for the brilliant actors!!

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