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Shiddat is a passionate romance drama for people madly in love


“Why me?” she begins to question anguishfully.

He adds with a live heart, “Because you, are well, you.”

If there is a film that has seen a simple question about love validated answered in such a simple manner after Kabir Singh, it is Shiddat. In Shiddat, the man of the moment, Sunny Kaushal, chooses to pursue only one woman (Radhika Madan), the one for whom he is willing to give his life, despite the fact that she is about to get married, just like in the Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer where the man chooses to wait for the love of his life despite her being married.

Shahid Kapoor plays a physician who is clever and thinks with his mind as well as his heart, while Kiara is completely subservient in her love for him, according to Kabir Singh. Sunny is all heart here, and he doesn’t really think with his head. He believes he does, but he does not. Radhika, on the other hand, seems more concerned with reciprocating all of the affection and attention she is receiving, albeit one wonders whether she loves him as much as he loves her.

“Jab koyi aapko itna pyaar dikha raha ho toh deal kaise karte hain?” she asks. All she can utter is, “Confuse ho rahi hoon.” She does, of course, say “I love you” when she realises, she might as well have lost Jaggi for ever. Yes, that also makes jaggi feel fantastic. “Tu 60 saal ki ho jaa, tere chehre par wrinkles bhi aa jaaye, tu kha kha kar moti ho jaa, par tu aaj jitni khoobsurat hai naa mere liye, aage bhi itni hi rahegi,” he promises back.

It’s no surprise that when he’s asked to choose a dress for her, he imagines holding her, laying her head on his chest, placing one hand over her head, wrapping another arm over her waist, and then giving the right size.

For him, “jis koshish mein shiddat naa ho woh koshish kis kaam ki” is Shiddat!

No surprise, given all the love and foolishness, Mohit Raina, who plays an almost identical character to Sunny Kaushal, is the one who applies his brains. He is the man of reason; however, he does explore his emotional side towards the end of the film.

In terms of the picture as a whole, Shiddat is a one-of-a-kind love storey with moments that are both realistic and cinematic. It hits your heart, especially if you’ve ever been in a passionate relationship. For others, it may appear unrealistic, but Shiddat is a must-see for those who genuinely believe in transcending all barriers to discover the love of their lives.


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