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SHINee to Launch Repackaged 7th Album “Atlantis” This Month


One of most popular K-Pop bands, SHINee makes their biggest comeback with a repackaged version of 7th full-length album “Atlantis” April this year.

SM Entertainment reveals that SHINee’s seventh full-length album, including 12 music tracks is all set to release digitally on numerous music platforms on 12th April at 6 pm KST. A physical music album will also drop on 15th April.

Their upcoming album “Atlantis” consists of total 12 songs, including 3 new songs “Atlantis”, “Area”, “Days and Years” and 9 songs from the previous album.


Previously, SHINee released full-length music album “Don’t Call Me”. Consecutively the music album won six different awards on the music shows and globally topped No. 1 on the iTunes.


Moreover, this K-Pop band reveals that the boys will be hosting their first-ever virtual concert “SHINee: SHINee World”, just one week before the release of their music album “Atlantis” and the event is expected to be held via Beyond LIVE’s V LIVE channel on 4th April.

The music album will be available online and offline on numerous music stores and pre-orders to start from 31st March onwards.

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