Shiv Thakare has often mentioned that Divyanka Tripathi has been his favourite ex-contestant of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. Now, she is coming as a challenger in the upcoming weekend.

Shiv Thakare must perform a daredevil task after Divyanka Tripathi and collect maximum flags to win the challenge. In this chopper-related task, flags need to be collected from a net and a ladder attached to the chopper. While doing so, Shiv has to brave the South African weather as well, which means he not only has to complete his task but also needs to fight with all odds to do a fine balancing act!

Talking about the challenging stunt, Shiv Thakare says, “Divyanka ma’am was there as challenger and stunt we had to perform was a golden opportunity for me. Earlier stunt done by me was not the way I wanted, so I was like again I am getting chance to perform Chopper stunt, so I must nail it. This chopper stunts Al gives you heroic feeling so we all contestant wait for that.”

“Divyanka is my all-time favourite contestant from Khatron and I think she is the best. As challenger she got 3 flags and I had to get 4 to win the task. When I saw her performing, I went crazy and felt she is so strong lady. I managed to complete my challenge and got hurt while doing so but as they say, no gain without pain. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole thing,” Shiv Thakare added.

In the upcoming weekend episode, watch Shiv Thakare putting his best foot forward once again with his cute innocent entertainment.

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