Human body undergoes numerous changes at different stages of life. As the years go by and a woman enters her 40’s, her reproductive system transitions and the hormonal imbalances, affect us immensely. To maintain good health, nutrition is a vital key for well-being. Good food leads to overall good health.

Here are some key points to be careful about during menopause.


Our food must include fruits, vegetables, diary, whole grains and protein. This will keep our overall weight in check and provide the key nutrients we need.

  1. CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D- It is important we keep these 2 in mind as there is bone loss and risk of osteoporosis. Try to include diary products and green leafy vegetables and grains like millets, ragi and fish.
  2. OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS- Walnuts, fish, flaxseeds have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of heart disease and take care of joint wear and tear during menopause.
  3. HYDRATION- Drinking water takes care of hot flashes, avoids bloating and takes care of our skin.
  4. FIBER RICH FOODS- this looks after our gut health and fiber aids in digestion.
  5. PROTEIN-One of the most vital and often ignored food, is protein. Protein keeps us full and satiated for long.
  6. PHYTOESTROGENS- Compounds found in certain plant foods like lentils, chickpeas, and they help control mood swings and hot flashes.
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