Sushmita Sen is an epitome of what a modern woman is and I love her for what she is and her acting. Aarya and now Taali, has me in awe of her.

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, where love and relationships were discussed, Sushmita candidly stated that ‘to love another is to love yourself.’ She emphasized on the importance of freedom in her life.

Elaborating on her opinion of love, she said, “So the idea that I have been able to find happiness in this space is because I am built that way. I believe in…nothing in life is more important than my freedom…very important to me. My freedom to be who I am, to choose the voice I want to speak with..I was 18 once and the world was all about ‘somebody will complete me’ kind of scenario. I am complete in myself. If someone can enhance that feeling of completion, that would be lovely. I don’t need that for completion. When you need validation, you must have courage to stand infront of the mirror. That’s the only validation you need.”

Talking about love and life in the interview, she continues, “Oh! It’s everything. It’s what I am made of, that’s how closely I associate with that word. It is not that love that you project or feel but the love you are. That to me is love, that everything you do in your life with that ‘who you are’ feeling. So, to even love another is to love yourself. There is that self-love that I speak on a cellular level.”

At the moment, Sushmita is revelling in the success of her series Taali on JioCinemas.

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