It’s time for ‘Rang Barse’ once again folks as one of the biggest and most-awaited festivals of the country is finally here and we can’t wait. Well, just like us, popular actress Tanishaa Mukerji too is equally excited and charged up for the festival. Yes, that’s right. Tanishaa is someone who has always loved the vibe of the colourful festival and no wonder, she’s looking forward to the celebrations this year as well. On being asked more about the importance of Holi in her life and what she plans to do this year, Tanishaa gets candid with us and shares,

“Well, this is one festival that I have always loved since childhood. I used to always be happy and excited about the idea of going out and playing with water and colours. This was also my father’s favourite festival. My dad always loved holi and holi in the Mukerji house was a big deal. Everyone came and we used to throw lots of colour on everyone. As far as this year is concerned, I will be having my belated birthday celebrations with my family tomorrow while remembering my late father. Holi always reminds me of my dad and that’s why, it will he the perfect occasion to celebrate my birthday. Obviously, during your childhood, you don’t realise the true essence of the festival as it’s just about fun. Slowly and steadily, I realized how Holi is important in terms of removing all sorts of negativity from life. For me, festivals like these are all about being together with family and this time as well, it’s the same. I am going to play Holi with my family at home. We will use colours but only organic colours and I would also urge everyone else to kindly do the same. We will also have flowers for decoration for a safe and healthy Holi. It’s all about being a gala celebration of good music, fun, and celebrations. Also, I love decoration and that’s why, whenever there’s any festival, I always make it a point to decorate my home in an organic and eco-friendly manner. Also, Holi celebrations are kinda incomplete without your favourite sweets and your favourite Indian desserts like Jalebi etc. So, keeping aside the fear of calories for a day, I am going to enjoy my favourite sweets as well. I also wish all my fans and admirers a very Happy Holi. Please have fun and also please make it a point to not harm animals or colour them by any means. That’s genuinely important. Our celebration shouldn’t be a reason for harm and fear for them.”

Well, kudos to Tanishaa for raising a voice for the voiceless while simultaneously talking about her plans for Holi this year. Here’s hoping and wishing that the actress truly has a ‘ball of a time’ this year in Holi with her family. On the work front, Tanishaa Mukerji will be seen essaying the lead role in the upcoming film ‘Murarbaji’ and we can’t keep calm for that. Stay tuned for more updates.

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