Tariq Vasudeva is quite excited. One of the most memorable characters from Aarya Season 2, he is looking forward to Aarya Season 3. “After Band Baaja Baraat, I went on to do over 20 ads for big brands including Vodafone Blackberry Boys, TVS Wego, Lavie Bags with Kareena Kapoor, Star Sports with MS Dhoni, Fiat Thoda Kam Nahin Ho Sakta among many others. I have also acted in award winning short films such as ‘Kusum’ and done lots of Theatre with well known Directors all over India. In films, I want to play characters that are intense and edgy with a lot of substance and depth, in all genres, both dramatic and comic.”

“I auditioned for the important character of Kedia in Aarya. Casting Director Abhimanyu Ray and Director Ram Madhvani really liked the audition and then they chose me to play this key role in Aarya Season 2.” What excited Tariq about the role was how strong the character is, and his loyalty for Sushmita Sen’s Aarya throughout the series. “Kedia is extremely loyal and protective about Aarya. Even though he is kidnapped and tortured, he is so strong that he doesn’t reveal anything to anyone.”

Tariq’s learning ground has always been films. “I watched Scarface repeatedly and studied the performance of Al Pacino to understand the Cocaine addicted character he played, to draw parallels. I have always used Method Acting in all my performances. It helps me get into the soul of the character and deliver my best.”

While Aarya Season 2 revolved around Aarya rescuing Kedia after he is kidnapped, Aarya Season 3 sees him on the edge as he is there again protecting and advising Aarya every step of the way.

Tariq has studied Theatre for four years in the US and acted in prominent productions in Chicago, and is also a globally recognised filmmaker apart from being an actor. “My passion is storytelling in any form, be it Cinema or Theatre,” expresses Tariq.

“My directorial skills help me as an actor to get under the skin of the character I’m playing. There is nothing in the world that gives a bigger adrenaline rush than playing a character that leaves an intense and memorable impact on the audiences. Playing the character of Kedia has been an unforgettable and absolutely amazing experience!”

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