It’s all about Diana, the delightful princess, the people’s princess who has touched the lives of millions. An epitome of beauty, love and a heart of gold, Diana moved me to tears.

29th July 1981, the day Diana stepped on a landmine by marrying Princess Charles. Always yearning for love from her husband, approval from her mother-in-law, the Queen, threatened by Camilla and coldness from the Royal Family, Diana’s life was full of threats yet she smiled in public and gave hope to millions.

I love her character. A doting mom, her strength of character, her naivety, her compassion, her isolation yet she bonded with millions.

The series shows us her inner dilemmas and demons and the mistakes she committed to escape loneliness. Life is not all glitz and glamour she portrays. She had the best clothes, rich, access to the best jewels yet she was lonely, desperately seeking affection.

Season 6 gives us a sneak peek into her summer holiday with her boys. It’s sad to see how much the paparazzi could affect their lives. Diana enacted by Elizabeth Debicki is a vision to see, she has played her part brilliantly.

Peter Morgan, the writer and creator of the series has done an outstanding job. I couldn’t resist the show, it moved me to tears and each scene was better than the other. I love the conversation between Diana and Prince Charles after she passed away, how truly she loved him, beyond words.

Thankyou for a brilliant series Netflix.

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