The young children, who look to be between the ages of five and six, are shown moving in perfect synchronicity while each holding a basketball.

On the internet, a video of Chinese infants moving in perfect synchronization during a physical education session has gone viral. The video, which was shared on Twitter by Erik Solheim, a former Norwegian ambassador, shows a group of young Chinese pupils demonstrating their athletic talents.

The young children, who appear to be between the ages of five and six, are shown outside, dancing in perfect synchronicity while bouncing a basketball in each hand. “WOW!” Mr Solheim said as he shared the footage. Kindergarten physical education lesson.

The movie begins with two Chinese children bouncing two balls with both hands while exercising their legs and moving their bodies in perfect synchrony. They continue to dribble the basketballs beautifully while shifting their legs from side to side. The toddlers are also shown holding their legs in the air as they bounce the balls without hesitation or blunders towards the end of the video.

The video has gone viral after it was uploaded on the internet. It has gained a lot of traction on Twitter. The children have been described as “little ninjas” by one user and as “very skilled” by another.

“The rest of the world won’t be able to stop China.” One Twitter user said, “The attention is insane.” “It takes a lot of discipline and coordination.” Something that would be beneficial to all schools. It’s why they’re so disciplined and intelligent,” added another. “The reason why China dominates the Olympic medal list,” a third commenter remarked.

The video has received over 74,000 views and over 1,400 likes since it went viral.

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