A video circulating on social media shows an elephant bathing in a circus-style stance. The viral video, however, has enraged social media users.

The elephant is doing a headstand while its owner gives it a bath, but many people on Twitter believe the elephant was coached to do so.

Morissa Schwartz posted the video on Twitter with the remark, “I didn’t realise elephants could do this.” It has over 3.4 lakh views and over 11,000 likes on Facebook.

“No offence, but when you’ve been trained at the end of a cattle prod, you can do just about anything,” one person said.

Another person added, “Circus elephants do that all the time.”

“It’s not by choice — this isn’t a cool trick the elephant does simply because it’s the product of a wild animal trapped in captivity and exploited for human amusement,” said a third tweet about the video.

Elephants are known to be amicable to humans, and a viral video that went viral last month on social media revealed a humorous dialogue between a newborn elephant and its zoo keeper.

Dr. Samrat Gowda, an IFS official, posted the video on Twitter. It depicts a newborn elephant attempting to pass a barrier. However, after some time, it eventually overcomes the impediment and heads right for the zoo keeper’s bedding.

Before being forced to get up, the elephant tries to wake up the “sleeping” man, while the keeper humorously tries to share the mattress with the beast. The keeper, on the other hand, does not give up and lies down on the mattress once more, launching the elephant into a pile of leaves in the corner.

So far, the viral video has received over 1.96 lakh views and over 13,500 likes.

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