The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s embrace of other cultures is one of its most welcome features. Black Panther’s narrative was driven by its African past, but Shang-Chi chose his path by looking back to his Asian ancestry. Regarding South Asian customs, even if it was brief, Kingo’s Bollywood storyline in Eternals was well-received.

In terms of diversity and authenticity, Ms. Marvel is really raising the bar for Marvel Studios. By juggling her newly discovered abilities with her Pakistani and Islamic past, Kamala Khan, a Gen Z kid, has produced a really captivating, dynamic novel. The serial set up the ultimate crossover with Bollywood’s biggest celebrity in the process as Kamala discovered a kindred soul.

This is none other than Shah Rukh Khan (also known as SRK), a legend who consistently produces hits. He has made billions, gained notoriety, and is currently expanding his portfolio internationally in media and sports. It’s interesting that his reputation surfaced when Kamala first met the hottie Kamran at their high school in New Jersey.

They became close because they both adore Bollywood, which made Bruno a little envious. He had to admit that he couldn’t compete with them given their many similar hobbies. They said two SRK films they adore, Baazigar and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which would enable the Indian actor to blend in and aid Marvel in organically capitalizing on a sizable market.

Indian fans have been gorging on comic book movies for a while, as seen by the enthusiastic video from inside theatres during various Marvel flicks. In 2011, SRK produced the superhero movie Ra. One required him to stop a villain by entering a video game similar to Tron. Since his portfolio includes action, comedy, romance, and sci-fi films, he is already a good fit for the genre.

But given the two movies the kids named, SRK’s part may be more substantial than merely a cameo. He portrayed Ajay in Baazigar, a character who conned the Chopra sisters in a sinister game of love in an effort to shatter their family’s hearts and reclaim the empire they took from him. Given that Kamran’s mother is the enigmatic figure Kamala’s bangle is frightened of, it may allude to his playing a similar role. After all, Kamran in the comics wanted to wreck Kamala’s life, so in a meta-moment reminiscent of Amrish Puri’s evil plots as Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, SRK may appear as his father or someone his sleazy mother has worked with.

SRK’s Raj attempted to disobey Simran’s family’s wishes and her predetermined fate by marrying someone else in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Bruno’s tale may be framed as the outsider vying for Kamala’s affections since he knew they were soulmates and finally won her back. It’s possible that Kamran believes Kamala is meant for him, in which case SRK might have a role in the relationship between the two families by offering advice to Bruno (even in his own name) or by taking Kamran’s side and attempting to strengthen his link with Kamala.

In any case, it seems like too much of a coincidence that they both praised these movies about fate and family. With Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra (The Matrix Resurrections) and Amitabh Bachan (The Great Gatsby) demonstrating the current possibilities of greater diversity, this opens the door for Marvel to offer SRK his Hollywood debut. Additionally, owing to Disney+’s Star center of South Asian programming, which aims to overcome socioeconomic and cultural barriers, such a shrewd commercial move would eventually increase Disney+’s viewership, particularly with a younger generation of streamers.

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