Lust Stories 1 was fantastic, a great series where lust was the central force, and this made us all wait eagerly for Lust Stories 2. This one is one of the worst I have ever seen on Netflix.

An anthology boasting of names like Konkana, Kajol, this one was a pain to watch. Do the makers think the audience are so dumb that we’ll fall for anything?

The first episode, with Neena Gupta emphasizes on the importance of sex. The youthful Dadi, insists the young, to be married couple try out their passion and see if “Mt. Fuji” erupts. A tad bit too much I must say! The intention might but be good but the approach is totally flawed. The 2nd episode, is the saving grace with Konkana Sen. Powered with two dynamic performances by Shome and Subhash, this delves into the impulses of two women as they are drawn into a vicarious relationship that stimulates them beyond their imagination and unlocks their unsatiable sexual freedom.

Sujoy Ghosh directs a bizarre story where a philandering husband meets his voluptuous wife Tamannah Bhatia from the past. The chemistry of the duo stands out. And by this time, I had no strength left to watch the one with Kajol.

I have seen Sex Education on Netflix and that is great but this one needs to brush-up, its gross.

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