This is the story of a politicians whim, his ‘Uncle jackfruit’ has gone missing and the entire police force is on alert.

So, Mahima Bansor, played by Sanya Malhotra, plays the role of a cop on a mission. Mahima takes her work seriously and digs deeper into the case. The Mali/gardener seems to be the plausible culprit and is put behind bars. On interviewing him, one gets to know his daughter has been kidnapped. 43 girls along with his teenage daughter are missing.

Mahima gets a brain-wave, where in she decides to kill two birds with one arrow. In lieu of searching for the ‘kathaal’, she extensively plans to look for the missing girls. The story brings to light the flaws of our system, how politicians misuse their power to get jobs done while a poor man is helpless and even a report is not filed in his case.

Starring Sanya Malhotra, Rajpal Yadav and Vijay Raaz, this movie premiered on Netflix on the 19th May and people are loving this simple satire. No action, just some silly laughs yet a deep meaning story. Directed by Yashowardhan Mishra, he has humorously explored the class divide in our nation.

Sanya essays the role of a cop with ease. Anant Joshi, her junior and the constable plus her beau, is like a breath of fresh air. A cop with a good soul, who easily rectifies her mistakes. Rajpal Yadav, with his half-bald head and wig, is the funny bones in this movie.

I loved the movie for its light-heartedness yet having a deep meaning. Just like a jackfruit hangs high, the high and haughty of our society, raise hell for whatever they want and the lower strata just hang low.

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