The name Puneet Issar is well-known. He then performed in a number of plays and movies after playing Duryodhan in BR Chopra’s television adaptation of the Mahabharat. But because he kept playing the same characters, the actor acknowledges that it wasn’t simple to acquire decent offers.

I was mistakenly labelled to as an action man because of my mentality following the terrible situation in my debut movie, Coolie (1983), which involved the star, Amitabh Bachchan. However, I actually loved emotionally deep parts. Fortunately, I was given the role of Duryodhan and was able to establish my reputation as a credible actor, he recalls.

Despite having a success under his belt, Issar acknowledges that it wasn’t simple to acquire excellent offers because he kept getting into the same situation. He claims that because of how well-liked the part was, whenever someone thought of a bad character, they would think of him. I was only given bad roles to play, which I performed.

Issar, who was last seen in the movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar, thinks that OTT has changed the game. “People are now more receptive to novel ideas. In the past, people watched [and] produced traditional goods out of concern that the endeavor may not succeed. Good stuff is occurring with OTT coming in, the actor claims, adding that he also wants to explore the digital arena. It is not about pursuing OTT. If I have a significant role in OTT where I can demonstrate my versatility, how come we’re not talking about it? The quality of entertainment is improving every day thanks to the addition of fresh authors and filmmakers, he continues.

Issar said he like to continually reinventing himself and taking on parts to surprise his audience rather than sticking to one certain sort of character. He is pleased to see how many performers are getting a range of roles and possibilities through OTT. It is not a matter of trying to catch up to OTT. Actors are actors. If I can demonstrate my adaptability in a significant role on OTT, how come kyun nahin kaarenge? As more writers and directors join the industry, entertainment continues to improve because of their wonderful work.

He claims that while people will desire to act in every new medium, it won’t necessarily mean that the old media will stop or end. He continues, “As an actor, you basically pick up any excellent part that comes your way. We used to make movies initially, then television arrived with only Doordarshan, and shortly after, private stations also appeared. Now, entertainment has been revolutionized by the internet platform.

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