Mukesh Khanna makes his opinion loud and clear and urges the 100 crore Hindus of India to ‘wake up’ and join the movement against Adipurush. He emphatically stated that the team should be burnt alive at 50 degrees.

There has been a huge uproar against the movie which is based on the Indian epic Ramayana. There is a lot of criticism regarding the characters and the wrong portrayal in this film. Mukesh takes a dig at choosing Saif Ali Khan to play the role of Raavan.

He said, “Raavan may be scary, but how can it look like Chandrakanta’s Shivdutt-vishpurush? He was a pandit. You will be shocked how can someone imagine and design Raavan in this manner. I remember when the film was announced, Saif had said he’ll make the character humorous. I had said then as well-‘Who the hell are you to change characters of our epic, apne dharam me kar ke dekho, Sir kat lagenge(you will be beheaded). The fact is, not much changed in Raavan’s look and the makers even tried to make him do comedy.”

Mukesh feels Manoj Muntashir has really gone wrong with the script. There is a huge decline in the box office after the huge opening week. The controversial dialogues, the bad character design, the shoddy VFX and lack of public sentiment are several factors that are deterring the growth of the movie.

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