BTS has been a constant when it comes to acing comebacks, from music charts to award events. The lads are enjoying their finest lives and completely deserve it, thanks to their adoring fans! People tend to forget that, despite their global success, BTS had to overcome a number of obstacles before becoming the world’s most popular boy band!

While a post with millions of likes and retweets now may not be unusual, there was a time when 2,000 retweets was enough to make them happy. The touching storey of how they rose to worldwide stardom begins with these seven lads debuting in 2013 and having no idea how influential their music would be for millions around the world.

BTS used to gain delight in the most simple ways back in 2014, when they were still new to the K-pop scene. The source here is just 2,000 retweets. The septet was hard at work prepping for their School Luv Affair showcase, striving to polish their routines and practising hard for ARMY.

RM decided to send out a photo to his admirers. While it may not seem remarkable, the fact that they received 2,012 votes on that one image was enough to keep them pleased for the rest of the day. When they saw they had reached over 2k comments, RM occurred to verify what photo he had posted, and their initial reaction was to say “thanks people, we won’t let you down.”

The lads got together after that to read the messages left by fans. Others were looking forward to their imminent comeback, with one ARMY remark reading “BTS would you marry me and live happily ever after?” If you’re interested about their response to the fan’s marriage proposal, Jimin said emphatically, “sounds fantastic.” It’s just something I’m throwing out there!

Suga added his own funny spin by reading a made-up remark that went like this: “Suga is really attractive and cool. I’m so excited to see you “.. We don’t notice any falsehoods; we simply see facts!

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