The teaser for South Korean actress Park Eun Bin’s upcoming k-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has raised anticipation. Take a look at the release date, storyline, and whole cast, including Park Eun Bin, here before the June 29th debut.

The highly renowned actress Park Eun Bin, 29, will play Woo Young Woo, a young and ambitious lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome (a kind of autism spectrum disorder) who has joined a prestigious law firm, in her most recent Netflix drama.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a project that helped me to overcome the dread of facing difficulties, according to Park Eun Bin, who discussed the significance of the new drama before its launch. I am studying Woo Young Woo’s strength and bravery as she enters the world and ignites her passion.

The South Korean network ENA will show the K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo on June 29 at 9 PM KST, 8 AM ET, and 5 AM PT. Later, it will be broadcast on Netflix in a few hours in some locations.

For updates on Netflix airtime, keep an eye on this space.

Kang Tae Oh, who starred in Doom at Your Service, co-stars in the most recent Netflix k-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo with Park Eun Bin.

Kang Ki-young, who starred in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, plays Jung Myung Seok, the current reporting boss of attorney Woo, in the main cast.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, according to accounts in the Korean media, tells the tale of Woo Young-woo, a recent hire at the prestigious Baekryong legal firm.

With an IQ of 164, an uncanny recall, and a unique style of thinking, Woo Young-woo is an incredibly gifted addition to the legal company. Although she is known as “the smartest lawyer in Korea” and a graduate of the elite Seoul National University School of Economics and Law School, her low EQ and lack of social skills are seen as liabilities, particularly given the unpredictable conditions she may encounter in court.

The drama focuses on how the young and gifted lawyer not only defies the stereotype of a normal lawyer but also embarks on a journey to meet new people and discover love.

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