I was surfing channels and came across this movie; ‘A million miles away’, on Amazon Prime. Oh! What a simple yet inspiring story of Jose’ Hernandez.

The story is of a migrant who spent his early childhood working in the farms with a dream to go to space. With bare means and only a strong grit and vision, he pursues his dreams. In spite of getting rejected by NASA 12 times, he does not give up.

To overcome his shortcomings, he starts running, learns to fly and the sacrifices he and his family make are humungous.

A special mention for his wife’s role in his success. As they say behind every successful man, there’s a woman, his wife offers him endless advice and support. The training is tough, the journey is long yet the movie is a wonderful account of his tryst with life.

Inspired by the book, “Reaching for the Stars; The inspiring story of a migrant farmworker turned Astronaut,” by Hernandez, the movie is the relentless pursuit of a man into space with great love and belief from his family and teachers.

A fantastic watch.

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