It’s great to hear that Shreya Kulkarni is taking on a challenging role in the upcoming film “Delivery Boy.” The movie revolves around the concept of surrogacy, and Shreya will be portraying the character of “Shalan,” a pregnant woman carrying a 9-month baby bump. Shreya considers this role to be one of the most challenging she has ever undertaken on a contemporary level.

Before signing on for this role, Shreya thought about other actresses who have portrayed pregnant characters, such as Vidya Balan in “Kahaani,” Kareena Kapoor in “Good Newwz,” and Priyanka Chopra in “Mary Kom.” These actresses served as an inspiration for Shreya to take on this role.

Shreya mentioned that the most significant challenge she faced while playing this character was understanding the insights, feelings, responsibilities, and the mix of pain and happiness that come with being a mother. She became quite emotional during the filming, as the experience of motherhood evoked various emotional aspects in her mind and heart. She acknowledged that her understanding and emotions may not compare to the actual experience of being pregnant, but she gained a deeper understanding of how it must feel for a mother carrying a baby for nine months.

During the filming, Shreya even cried in one of the scenes without using glycerine to enhance the tears. She believes that these emotions can be felt but are best expressed when one goes through the actual experience. She dedicated her performance to all the mothers who have been through such situations, bringing her heart and consciousness to the portrayal of her character.

Shreya expressed her love for the character of “Shalan” and stated that it is very close to her heart. This role allowed her to experience a special feeling and a unique point in her life through the medium of acting

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