Today We are living in the age of ‘Jahan dharm hi dharm ko baat raha hai’. In these circumstances, it is very necessary to spark the light of love in every heart. To let everyone know that before being a Hindu or Muslim, we are humans, and we carry humanity rather than hatred for each other. With this idea, director Raaju Bonagaani is coming up with his film ‘Engagement’. With Raaju’s ultimate idea of storytelling and amazing direction, he has chosen to offer a love story that teaches us to be humans before Hindus and Muslims and to share Love over hate.

Raaju Bonagaani is a prominent figure in Indian cinema. In previous years, he has given many hits that have touched the hearts of millions of Indians. And now he’s back again with his other film, ‘Engagement’, with unique and inspiring storytelling that is again ready to touch the hearts of millions.

The movie stars Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty in the lead roles; both of the actors are extremely talented and know the art of bringing the characters into reality. With the onscreen chemistry of Aishwarya and Praveer, they have the ability to capture the audience. With this talented and creative team of actors and directors, Engagement is ready to leave its mark on your heart.

Suram Movies and Rhodium Entertainments are another two master players that are responsible for Engagement’s success and ensure that the movie reaches new heights to ensure that Engagement gets the support it needs. The man behind Suram Movies is a multi-talented guy with a very humble nature. Despite being a chartered accountant and an award-winning business entrepreneur, Jayaram Devasamudra’s passion for filmmaking has led him to the entertainment industry. Jayaram Devasamudra has expertise that adds a unique dimension to the film’s production. The responsibility of giving the incredible songs is taken by Rhodium Entertainments, which promises to deliver content that will stay with you forever and ever, even after ages.

A movie that delivers perfect entertainment, crazy romance, that you can watch with your family, a social message, the best of all-time track records, and whatnot. The movie ‘Engagement’ by Raaju Bonagaani is packed full of entertainment and love. With the talented actors Aishwarya Gowdaa and Praveer Shetty in lead roles and the master players in the entertainment industry, Suram Movies and Rhodium Entertainments, the movie promises to deliver a mesmerising experience to you.

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