An amusing and adorable allegation is made in a video that was recently published on Instagram and has since gone viral. This lovely canine video suggests that there are two types of golden retrievers, which owners will be aware of. The first is a “Golden,” while the second is a “Retriever.” And that is just what can be seen in this specific video, which has been hilariously and adorably trending on social media. You will be able to comprehend what the human of these two lovely Golden Retriever dogs means when we say this after seeing this video.

This cute video’s Instagram caption offers further information and describes what can be seen happening in the clip. “Golden retrievers are either 1. Goldens, who prefer snuggle time, or 2. Retrievers, for whom locating the ball, toy, or frisbee is a way of life. We offer each! It asks, “What kind of golden retriever do you have?” Two of these gorgeous Golden Retriever pups seen in the video have their own Instagram profile where the video has been shared. Over 1,300 people follow the Instagram page where this video was posted.

This video, which was posted on September 23, currently has more than 1.28 lakh likes.

One Instagram user said, “Both stunning, adore the side eye.” Another person wrote humorously, “Ah, that’s why.” Another said, “The golden likes to judge.

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