Love is the thread that binds us all together and this is the theme of this beautiful documentary that moved my soul. The wonderful bond between an elephant and a human, how their bond grows and they become a FAMILY, is a truly overwhelming spectacle.

Two tribal caretakers, Bomman and Bellie live in the expansive elephant camp with the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. They look after orphaned or lost elephants and nurture them to health.

The beautiful jungle expanse and the excellent direction of the documentary, has left me spellbound. The Elephant Whisperers follows the story of orphaned elephants, named Raghu and Ammu, in the care of this indigenous couple. They look after these elephants like their own kids. Their bond, the pang of separation, the caring, is just like humans bonding and the gesture and love depicted is beyond words.

This documentary restores our faith in humanity, there is still a lot of goodness and simplicity in the world. This 41 minute, short film, takes you through a wide range of emotions, you will laugh at the way the elephants splash water and play with their caretakers and cry when one of the elephants is taken away. The beauty of bonds…

There is a certain calmness in the story, the cinematography is beautiful and it is a wonderful, powerful and emotional tale of animal- human relationships and kindness.

A must watch for all age groups.

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