Finally, the anticipated Tiger 3’s official trailer is out. Salman Khan, the Tiger, is the spy on a mission and for his fans, he will be a treat to watch.

Katrina Kaif, is his leading lady and if rumors are true, she has a lot of action in the film as well. Emraan Hashmi is playing the villain and the face-off between the both of them, will be a visual treat.

Salman says in the trailer, “Aatishbaazi tumne shuru ki, Khatam mai karunga.” This has the fans roaring. Within half an hour of the trailer’s release, the trailer has crossed 1 million views in 30 mins.

A part of Yash Raj Film’s spy universe, the movie is the 3rd installment of the Tiger franchise. Salman plays a loving husband, a caring father and then a daring hero, who fights to get his son back.

The movie is slated to release on the 12th November, Diwali and hopefully with the holiday and festival season on, the cash registers will ring.

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