With its distinctive fusion of emotional melodies, poignant lyrics, and contagious rhythms, this engaging single promises to change modern music. Babbu Maan passionately sings about his romantic experiences in “Ashique Mizaj,” embracing his feelings courageously and proudly referring to himself as “crazy in love” in the eyes of others. He is shown dancing carefreely among women in the song video and jokingly introducing himself as Ashique Mizaj.

Babbu Maan, a popular Punjabi singer, composer, and actor, has created a song that transports listeners on a musical trip filled with love, passion, and emotions. This song demonstrates his remarkable musicianship and his capacity to engage audiences of all ages. He created the music and penned the song’s lyrics by hand. R Swami directed the music video, while Mellow D contributed to the RAP section.
The song “Ashique Mizaj,” whose name means “Lover’s Nature,” is an expression of thankfulness for love in all of its manifestations. Babbu Maan’s seductive voice and skilfully penned lyrics engage listeners in an emotional and engaging experience while exploring topics of romance, heartbreak, and the intricacies of relationships.

Fans may now listen to the much-anticipated tune on streaming services through the Boss Musica channel. Babbu Maan’s fans around the world are ecstatic with this news since he keeps pushing the limits of Punjabi music and creating a lasting impression on the business.
Previous successes by Babbu Maan, including “Mitran Di Chatri,” “Mitran Nu Shounk Hathiyaran Da,” “Saun Di Jhadi,” and “Pagal Shayar, Challa- film crook starring Emraan Hashmi, Jugni- Saheb biwi aur Gangster starring Jimmy Sheirgill and Mahie Gill, Rab na kare- Vaada Raha starring Kangana Ranaut and Bobby Deol” have already captured the hearts of music lovers. His song “Bhari Mehfil” was just released on iTunes, garnering a lot of affection and becoming a well-known tune sung by many. Babbu Maan has amassed a sizable and devoted fan following during his storied career, beloved for his lovely voice, smart lyrics, and substantial contributions to the Punjabi music genre.
Now that “Ashique Mizaj” is available on the main streaming services, listeners from all over the world may enjoy it. The song is set to establish itself as a mainstay on playlists, radio programmes, and music charts, connecting with fans and winning over new admirers along the way.

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