Uorfi Javed in her recent Instagram post, had a tryst with Raj Kundra, who joked about her clothes at a recent standup comedy session.

Raj, had said on the stage, “Agar mujhe kisi ne pyaar kia hai na pichle 2 saal mein, toh who hai paparazzi. Kyunki 2 hi toh inki star hai, ek main aur ek Uorfi Javed. Or media yehi dekhti hai ke Raj Kundra kya pehenega aur Uorfi Javed kya nahi pehengi (the only one who has loved me in the last 2 years is paparazzi. They only have two stars, me and Uorfi Javed. Media wants to know what can I wear more and what Uorfi cannot wear anymore.”

Uorfi has not taken this well. she reposted the video, and called Raj a ‘porn king.’ She wrote, “The one who is earning from cheap means is now commenting on my clothes. Sorry not sorry porn king.”

To give you a brief history, Raj Kundra, the husband of Shilpa Shetty, faced an allegation in the year 2021, faced controversy over his alleged involvement in producing and sharing explicit content through mobile apps and he spend 63 days in jail.

As for Uorfi Javed, at one point of time, she was Raj’s fan and wore an outfit with a mask like he would but our lady likes attention and cannot stand any criticism regarding her attire and if you dare to comment, the Boss lady is going to give it back to you.

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