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Upcoming new Korean drama on Netflix

Korean drama

Netflix is ready to launch its latest Korean drama with the title D.P.

Previously all the Netflix Korean drama has got big appreciation from the fans. Vincenzo, law school and move to heaven all of these Netflix Korean dramas were well liked by Korean drama fans.

Watching this Netflix has now decided to set another original drama for the Korean content fans.

D.P is an upcoming Korean drama series, DP- Deserter Pursuit is all about a person who find and arrest citizens world deserted from their military service. The main lead in the show has excellent observation skills.

Joon- Ho’s new role reveals the painful reality of soldiers where they do not have a choice but to leave. The director has tried to create a humanistic drama with which people can relate to.

D.P is released today on Netflix i.e., August 27. It has 6 episodes with the run time of around 50 minutes. The four main cast members for D.P. season 1 are Jung Hae-In (Private Ahn Joon-Ho), Koo Kyo-Hwan (Han Ho-Yeol), Kim Sung-Kyun (Park Beom-Goo) and Son Seok-Koo as Im Ji-Seob. The actor taking the leading role in D.P. is Jung Hae-In, a South Korean actor from Seoul who fans may recognise from The Youth (2014), The Three Musketeers (2014), Prison Playbook (2017) and Start-Up (2019).


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