Indian actress Urvashi Rautela, known for her remarkable performances and contributions to the film industry, recently found herself in a distressing situation while attending Paris Fashion Week. Urvashi who has visited Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week has created history as first Indian actress highest paid Showstopper at Paris fashion week & beating other K- POP & Hollywood stars with the highest earned media value and engagement rate. But the recent video shared by the actress is very heart wrenching to see over the Riots that is currently happening in Pairs

Urvashi Rautela found herself in an unexpected and unsettling situation. As the city faced violent protests and riots, the actress was confined to her hotel room for her safety. Frighteningly, she captured videos that showcased the chaos and even heard sound of gunfire outside her window. Urvashi Rautela decided to share the videos of the Paris riots on her social media platforms.

In the video shared by Urvashi on her social media from her hotel room we could see that there are few people down who shouting and creating riots with no people on the street. This incident is definetky very scary for Urvashi as actress has got stuck now inside her hotel room amid the Paris Fashion Week. Its so sad to see that the actress who has gone to make India proud at International level has got herself stuck and in danger amid the riots.

The incident faced by Urvashi Rautela serves as a wake-up call for both the industry and the authorities to prioritize the safety and security of eberyone around. The incident serves as a reminder that fame and success do not shield individuals from the realities of unrest and violence. We just hope that the actress quickly fulfilles all her duties at the Paris Fashion Week and returns back safely to India.

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