Twitter’s #AskUrvashi trend has been a groundbreaking means of connecting fans and celebrities, bridging the gap between public figures and their audience. Fans often seize this opportunity to delve deeper into their idol’s thoughts and opinions on various matters. Urvashi’s recent interaction with her fans was no exception, as her response to the challenging political question set the platform ablaze.

In a recent episode of #AskUrvashi on Twitter, the talented actress Urvashi was posed with a challenging question from a devoted fan. The fan, filled with curiosity and excitement, asked her to choose between the two charismatic political figures, Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan, both vying for the chief minister’s chair in Andhra Pradesh.

When the fan asked Urvashi to choose between Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan, the actress didn’t shy away from expressing her preference. She retweeted the question, and to the delight of Power Star’s followers, she unequivocally chose Pawan Kalyan. Her endorsement echoed the sentiments of many who see Pawan Kalyan as a beacon of hope and a leader capable of bringing about positive change in the political landscape.

We can definetly say that Urvashi would love to see once Pawan Kalyan as the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Urvashi was recently seen setting the stagr on fire with her sensous dance moved along side powerstar Pawan Kalyan, for Bro- The Avtar, recently Urvashi Rautela fans were also arrested for pouring milk and throwing cash in the theatres while she dazzled at the screen. “Bro: The Avatar” has undoubtedly become a theatrical delight that will be remembered for generations to come.

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