In the bustling lanes of Bombay, where dreams weave a tapestry of ambitions, Utsav Sarkar found his calling. A dreamer since childhood, he always harbored the desire to step into the limelight of acting and writing. His journey, however, was not a straight path but a winding road filled with passion, audacity, and unwavering determination.

Utsav’s venture into acting commenced in the hallowed halls of school, where he first tasted the thrill of the stage. As he moved to Bombay for college, his passion for theater intensified, leading him to Prithvi Theatre and eventually to an MA in theater performing arts from Mumbai University.

But dreams, as beautiful as they are, often come hand-in-hand with challenges. For Utsav, challenges were not struggles but opportunities. Talking about his struggles utsav said, “I don’t understand the concept of Struggle. I believe if I am armed with diverse talents then I can’t be jobless. If i am not acting then I’ll do writing and if not writing then directing but i know that I am never going out of work.”

Sharing his covid experience Utsav said , “like everyone covid lockdown was tough for me also so as soon as lockdown hit I lost all my work and at that time my brother and mother were taking care of me. So thought let’s skip acting for sometime and I joined a production company as a full time employee. And that’s when I got a call for Hostel daze. I didn’t even knew that I’ll clear this audition but I did and it went so well so I am grateful.”

Utsav Sarkar’s story isn’t complex; it’s a testament to a dreamer’s resilience. His tale reminds us that in the simplicity of dreams and determination, extraordinary journeys unfold.

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