A heart-warming storey circulating on the internet is about a 70-year-old couple selling tarri poha and aloo bonda on the streets of Nagpur to make ends meet. The Internet is a treasure trove of all sorts of material, some of which is amusing and enjoyable, while others tug at our emotions. Remember ‘Baba ka Dhaba,’ the simple cafe in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, which became an overnight phenomenon thanks to a single social media post?! Since then, a number of culinary content makers have volunteered to tell the experiences of small sellers on a variety of platforms.

One such anecdote circulating on the internet is that of a 70-year-old couple trying to make a livelihood by selling tarri poha and aloo bonda on the streets of Nagpur for Rs. 10 and Rs. 15, respectively. Vivek and Ayesha, two bloggers from Nagpur, shared a video of the septuagenarian couple on their Instagram account ‘eatographers.’ “The rent was unpaid by this 70-year-old couple. As a result, they began selling tarri poha for a living “the article stated.

The restaurant was founded by the couple four years ago and has been in business since then. “They get up early, prepare everything, and come here at 5 a.m. (to sell poha and bonda),” the message said.

This video was posted a week ago and has now gone viral, receiving over 11 million views on Instagram. That’s not all, though. Thousands of people commented on it, and hundreds of people shared it on social media.

“They have a grin on their faces. I truly hope that people would stop giving money to spiritual sites and instead aid hardworking people “a remark was read “Bhai khaya hu inke taraf ka tarri poha it’s fantastic (I ate their tarri poha and it’s excellent),” commented another.

Another Instagram user inquired, “How can we assist them?”

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