Anil Ghosh

Anil Ghosh, 80-year-old focus puller of all Satyajit Ray’s movies is now in dire straits due to financial crisis and is slowly losing his vision. Back in that time, the job of a focus puller was demanding and crucial for achieving the ideal shot. Ghosh worked in over 300 films, most of them with Satyajit Ray. He worked with the filmmaker in ‘Kapurush-O-Mahapurush’ and ‘Agantuk’. 

At present, Ghosh and his wife are living in an ordinary house in Chander Village Road in Kolkata. He lost his only son to Kolkata’s Stephen Court fire in 2010. 

Satyajit Ray’s son, Sandip Ray who has also worked with him has high regards and respect for Anil, on being asked he said “On my father’s centenary, very few from his unit are still around. Anilda’s job was very important. An out of focus shot will never work despite the best performance of actors as back in the job of focus puller was quite complicated.”

Anil Ghosh

To help Ghosh in this time of trouble, Bengali actor Prosenjit Chatterjee On Wednesday, Prosenjit shared Ghosh’s bank account details on his official Twitter account and reached out to the public to ask for financial help for Ghosh. 

He tweeted “Sadly, Anil Ghosh lost his only son in the Stephen Court fire. This brilliant human is now losing his eyesight and finding it difficult to make ends meet. If anyone wants to extend a helping hand and pledge support, details are given below.” 

Soumitra Chatterjee, who shared a great bond with Ghosh, who had also helped to get Ghosh’s eye surgery done, “He was like my elder brother. He too is gone now. During the pandemic, I can’t go for checkups or afford the expensive medicines now. I refuse to beg, have no work and little savings. It is a hand-to-mouth existence.” 

Actors Rajesh Sharma and Debdut Ghosh visited Anil at his residence a few months ago, “With such an incredible body of work, Anil da is our pride. It is sad to see how badly the pandemic has impacted him” said Debdut Ghosh.

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