On the internet, there is no shortage of good information. These films, which range from charming animal footage to babies doing lovely things, never fail to make us smile. But, despite the wide spectrum of material, let’s face it: we all like seeing random strangers perform acts of generosity for individuals in need. These types of films may make us feel both pleased and sad at the same time. Another random act of kindness has just gone popular on social media. This time, a family was stunned with a present that brought them to tears after they volunteered to pay lunch for a stranger.

We can witness a man approaching a family and asking if they might purchase his lunch because he lost his wallet in a recent video shared by Instagram page @delightfulnews. Then a woman responds with, “What’s for lunch? No issue at all, “and offers him a $20 bill Following that, the stranger stunned the family by giving them $500. He informed his family that because they had bought him lunch, he would want to purchase them Christmas presents!


Since its release, the video has been seen over 5.8 million times and has garnered 425k likes and thousands of positive comments! As one user put it, “It never fails to amaze me that those who have the least money or goods are the most generous. Bless this family…they must have experienced what it’s like to go without a “lunch” since they didn’t hesitate.” According to another user, “This was incredible. Have you ever observed that people who don’t have much are the ones that are eager to offer what they do have? This brought tears to my eyes.”

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