On the streets of Paris, a man tries to sell his painting. What occurred next is depicted in a viral video.

streets of Paris

A video of a guy trying to sell his painting on the streets of Paris has gone popular on social media. What follows will undoubtedly warm your heart.

It is true that an act of kindness may make anyone’s day brighter and happier. This was demonstrated by a woman who purchased a painting from a guy selling it on the streets of Paris. The look on the man’s face after the sale of his painting in the viral video is priceless.

The viral social media video depicted a guy attempting to sell his painting on the streets of Paris. The man was attempting to exhibit the picture to everyone who passed by, but he was having little luck. The woman who was filming the man from her apartment window was anxious for someone to buy the man’s artwork. However, after witnessing that no one was willing to buy it, she had an epiphany. The woman went down to buy the picture herself, taking meticulous notes, and she was in for a pleasant surprise.

The painting in question was stunning and expertly executed. The man’s delight was the most uplifting aspect of the video. The woman also stated that she had previously seen the same man in the area, but that she had never seen him selling anything.

“I’d seen him in the neighborhood before, but this was the first time I’d seen him selling something. He stated he liked to paint, and this was one of his works. He requested 30 euros, but I thought it was reasonable and provided 40 “In the caption, she wrote:

The video has received over 12,000 views on social media since it was shared. Netizens were impressed by the woman’s generosity as well as the man’s stunning painting.

“I adore this,” one person said. “Thank you for your kindness,” another person said.


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