Sameera Reddy tests negative of Covid-19, says family is safe

Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy has tested negative of Covid-19. Sameera along with her husband Akshai Varde and their two kids Nyra and Hans contracted the virus last month. Sameera took to her official Instagram handle on Friday and informed that her family is safe.

The 42 year actress wrote, “Covid negative, I am in complete grace and so thankful that our family is safe. And my heart goes out to everyone going through these tough times. I feel that in the last 2 months committing to #fitnessfriday with you all has really helped me get past this tough time because my stamina and focus was such a big help. I had to keep calm with the kids going through covid and then having me and Akshai pass it physically was challenging. I am still left with weakness and I am very focused on getting my strength back. I have started daily walks and light yoga with nutritious meals.”

She further added, “I would like to request everyone to really take time to do some spot jogging/breathing/stretching/any movement. Even simple walking in the house to help with increasing stamina. It is very easy to get sucked in with only negative news around you but I would really say invest in yourself. Eat healthy. Sleep well. Take your vitamins. Do yoga and keep in routine to stay balanced. Because you need to be strong right now. For yourself and for those around you. Let’s make this commitment to ourselves. It is the need of the hour.”


She concluded her post and thanking her fans for all the love and wishes. She added, “Stay safe and thank you for all the love and wishes you sent me these past few weeks. I am so grateful. #fitnessfriday #healthyliving #healthiswealth” 

Earlier,on April 18 when Sameera Reddy was tested positive with the deadly virus, she took to her Instagram stories and wrote, “I tested covid positive yesterday. We are safe and taking necessary precautions. Sassy Saasu by the grace of god has been living separately and is safe. We will be in home quarantine and will continue to be positive upbeat selves. I know I have you lovely peeps to put a smile on my face. This is the time to be strong with positive affirmations. We are all in this together. Stay safe.”

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