A video of a lady being robbed after accepting food from a stranger has gone popular on the internet. A lady is seen in the video handing the woman some ‘prasad.’ The woman passes out after eating it, and the woman who provided it to her, together with her accomplices, steals the woman’s jewellery and phone. The video has gone viral as a “caught-on-camera” event. The video, on the other hand, is scripted and was made to raise awareness about such incidents.

When loosely translated from Hindi, the caption says, “Whenever you go out of the house, do not take any prasad from anyone.” I’m not sure where this video came from, but ladies are also victimized by other women. “Be cautious and vigilant.”

We found a YouTube account named ‘3RD EYE’ that had first published the film earlier this month when we looked into the video’s metadata. “BE CAREFUL WITH STRANGERS | UNBELIEVABLE THINGS CAUGHT AT CCTV | Social Awareness Video By 3rd Eye,” the video’s title states.

This type of video is frequently posted on the channel, and the film’s description also includes a disclaimer.

“Please be informed that this channel contains scripted plays and parodies intended to raise awareness among people in various situations.” This channel features videos that promote social awareness. These short flicks are only for pleasure!”

As a result, the notion that the film depicts an actual occurrence is incorrect. The video is staged and made to raise awareness.

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