You can’t quit admiring the squirrel after seeing that video. Do you recall the first time you tried anything and immediately fell in love with it? It’s also fascinating to observe how individuals react when they try something new. People become so engaged in the taste of the dish that they lose track of their surroundings.

A squirrel recently did something similar, and the video of him eating almonds for the first time went viral.

Buitengebieden, a prominent Twitter account, uploaded this video. The squirrel’s reaction is similar to how people respond when they eat their favorite food. “Squirrels eat almonds for the first time,” reads the video’s description.

A man holds a large number of almonds and places them in front of the squirrel in the video. The squirrel takes up an almond and chews it carefully; when it’s done, it freezes, as if the taste has rendered him mad. The squirrel was completely engaged in the flavor of almonds for a few moments before swallowing them all in a couple of seconds. After witnessing this video, many fell in love with the squirrel.

On Twitter, the video is getting increasingly popular. This video has been viewed by over 20 lakh people, with over 1 lakh people like it. Thousands of others have commented on the video as well. According to one commenter, the squirrel came to a halt because she was afraid of the camera, not because she loved the flavor of almonds. Almonds, according to another, should never be fed to squirrels because they contain hydrocyanic acid, which might make them sick. Someone even questioned the video’s legitimacy, claiming that it appeared to be faked.

The video is becoming popular on Twitter, with over 5 million views and 356K likes. Thousands of individuals have also left comments on the video. More than 50,000 people have retweeted the video.

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