directed by Ashim Ahluwalia, this series is set at a posh school called Hampton International where three new scholarship students enroll for a new term from different backgrounds. “Class” is a powerful story about class divisions. As the newcomers try to fit in with the elite and privileged classmates, mayhem happens. New friendships, new equations, new betrayals and one student dead. Everyone becomes a suspect.

Tanya Bami, the series Head of Netflix India comments, “We decided to adapt the story to the Indian nuance, where a diverse set of characters from different backgrounds, grappling with an unexpected turn of events- a journey that will keep the audiences at the edge of their seats.”

She adds, “The series takes an unfiltered look at the everyday dilemmas, emotions and conflicts the youth goes through. We can’t wait for our members to catch this thrilling series.”

Adapted from the Spanish series Elite, this one promises to be a thriller. It will premiere on Netflix on 3rd February.

Showrunner and director Ashim Ahluwalia said, “It was quite a task to adapt a show that has had enormous love globally, particularly because I wanted to rework its cinematic language and set in New Delhi. I was keen to make something real and intense, something that charts the heightened emotions of teenage life. I also wanted to explore class, something we engage with daily but rarely see authentically depicted on screen.”

In the month of love and romance, lets turn up the heat with this promising series on Netflix.

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