The movie revolves around Princess Elodie, a young woman who is a braveheart. It has a different perspective, rather than showing a damsel in distress, it shows her courage to overcome her difficulties.

The damsel played by Millie Bobby, adds depth to the character. Her fairytale wedding to the Prince Charming is a trap, she becomes food for the dragon. The eldest daughter of Lord Bayford, is wed to the royal family in lieu of riches.

As reality strikes her, she realizes it was all a farce. The innocent marriage is a well-spun web to repay the royal family’s debt. The movie has a face pace. The supporting cast, played by Ray Winstone as the troubled father and Robin Wright as the malevolent queen, brings layers of complexity and intrigue to the tale, with Wright’s portrayal deserving special mention for its sheer brilliance in the role of a villain.

The dragon in this movie serves as a powerful metaphor for the challenges and beasts one must face in life. The movie is a visual feast, with good drama and suspense.

I really enjoyed the movie, her attitude of not giving up, watch it on Netflix.

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