A wonderful movie, that deserves our attention. The movie spans a day in the life of an elderly couple, the day after the wedding festivities of their only son get over and all relatives leave.

The only natural thing that comes to our mind is that one would relax and rest and go over how wonderful it’s been. Lo and behold for what I’m going to tell you! The mother, alias Neena Gupta, wants to walk out of her own marriage. The husband, Rajat Kapoor, reacts, “What will I tell the world?”

As the movie, progresses, we get an insight into how lonely and unworthy Neena feels. The only conversation is about repairs, daily odd tasks and mundane conversation. The movie delves into the life of a silent homemaker, that we often sideline.

The husband’s statement, “I let you do everything” and the wife’s reaction, “You let me?” and that’s when the threshold of her quiet, submissive life ends. She seeks appreciation, attention and credit.

Watch the movie on Disney Hotstar. It’s about daily life, how we go through our daily chores in a state of oblivion. We succumb to a certain way of life yet it has a deep impact on us. Explore your vulnerability, express yourself before you can’t take it anymore.


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