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Ways to detoxify your mind and get free from the negative mindset.


To get trapped into a negative pattern of thinking, is easy. However, this is like a deep well, negativity saps your energy and the web of imagination, drags you to a more into thinking and this takes the peace away. Here are some ways to practice positive thinking.

  1. PRATIPAKSHA BHAVANA- This is the practice of cultivating opposite thoughts. When a negative emotion creeps up, replace it with a positive one. This helps to rewire the brain.
  2. VOLUNTEERING- Doing things for others, benefits not only those in need but also fulfills us. Activities such as going to an old age home/ helping the underprivileged also makes one realize how blessed we are.
  3. CHANTING AND RECITING MANTRAS- Chanting any mantra, may it be ‘om’, has a calming effect. It relaxes the body and mind, and brings peace.
  4. WRITING A JOURNAL- Penning done your thoughts helps to shift focus and puts one in positive gear. You write what you are feeling and when you read it, it sometimes feels the matter is so small, we’ve only made it very big in our head.
  5. EATING WELL AND A GOOD SLEEP- Fill your day with junk vis-a -vis, fill your day with healthy food. You will feel a change in your mood. Good, homemade food is lighter and easy to digest. Physical wellness adds to mental wellness.
  6. BE WITH NATURE- If you are feeling low, try going for a walk in the park. Nature heals. It reduces stress and enhances your spirits.


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